Saturday, 5 May 2007

Exhibition at the Sky City Mall

Yesterday I came across an exhibition at the Sky City Mall. With the support of PhotoSynthesis it presented the photos and stories of Nikolay Genov about his trip to Kashmir, India. The topic is Chadar - the 120-km route of lamas through rivers and ice. The region covers the territory of two former Tibetan kingdoms: Ladakh and Zanskar.

I was driven to another world full of mystery and colours. One stands in the hall, hears the buzzling shopping crowd and the music hits sounding from above, but doesn't listen to them. People pass by, but one doesn't notice.

The man on the photo had extraordinary eyes. As if there was a continuation of his iris with shape following the curves of his eye-lids. Such shapes were on both sides of the iris!

What an ingenious decision of the managers of the mall! Since its opening they announced that this mall would host exhibitions and other cultural events but I never expected that this idea would turn into action so soon. Normally, one would expect to see more direct-profit-oriented managers of such sites. I'm happy to notice such exceptions. If the website of the mall gives latest news about exhibitions, it would me much better.

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