Saturday, 14 April 2007

Sofia, Bulgaria.

This is one of my spontaneous ideas. I really don't know whether my interest of this topic would last long or not. I also don't know whether there will be interest from visitors to my postings.
So what?

The topic is clear: the hidden beauty of Sofia - the capital of Bulgaria.

Why hidden: because through all the noise, dirtiness and rush there are places and moments that deserve poining out. It's not about the tourist spots, their appearance here would be more related to the hidden stories behind them rather than on their most well-known views. There are also less known places or events, or even citiezens' behaviour which in fact are one of the most distinctive points of the city.

Why me: because I live in Sofia, I know almost all its neighbourhoods and I love exploring it more and more. I've been taking photos in Sofia for almost two years and I really want to show what I've seen to the whole world.

Why visit the blog: this is not a commercial. It's neither an attempt to define a target group. My target group is simply everyone who wants to see and know the real city.

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